2 December 2010

November Sunday

1. Gentle

We sat
Watching the snow come down
On the roofs of the town

She ran her hands through my hair
And kissed my shoulders

I wondered if that
Was how the rooftops felt

2. Piss

I was enjoying
a nice
With my girlfriend next to me
In the shower

She looked amazing there
Behind a curtain of tropical fish
Like an oyster diver
In warm tropical waters

I thought of what I might look like
From the other side

3. Armageddon

The snow fell all morning
Then suddenly
(And so quietly)
It stopped

Everything was a smooth white colour
Like an art gallery
With nothing put up
On the walls

We didn’t want to ruin
The quiet smoothness outside
So we went back to bed
And ignored the messages from my mother
Telling me she was right
About Armageddon

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